4 Common Causes Of Electrical Fires In Commercial Spaces


Safety should be your priority when trying to manage electrical wiring and devices. The commercial space has appliances with a higher voltage demand than what you will find in residential homes. If you mishandle them, you might get electrocuted. It is best to hire a commercial electrician to troubleshoot any problems that you come across. Here are the four main reasons behind fires in the business premises, and ways to deal with them.

Obsolete or Poorly Maintained Electrical System

Old and outdated tools often lead to fires in the office. They typically have damaged cords that can easily ignite. The damaged insulation found in the wiring is also inferior in quality and quickly melts and ignites when the wires beneath heat up. The old wiring is also likely to have a different wattage from the new electrical wiring, and the incompatibility can lead to fires. Also, many people leave electrical devices unattended, leading to heating up and eventual fire. It would help to replace all the old ones with new and updated models. It would help encourage all employees to turn off all appliances after using them permanently.

Faulty Fixtures for Lighting

Light bulbs are another source of power-related fires. For example, if you install a bulb whose wattage is more than the fixture can support, the fixture strains to supply the current, overheats, and burns up. It is also common for lighting fixtures to burst into flames when you place a piece of cloth under them. It would help if you allowed a commercial electrician to assess all your bulbs and their fixtures.

Overloading the Circuit

Another common source of trouble in commercial spaces is overloading the circuit. It happens when you have uncontrolled use of your power cords. If you have several appliances attached to the same extension cord, it creates a high load on an outlet that might not have the ability to handle that load. You should call an expert to assess your outlet compared to your equipment and make the changes that will eliminate overloading.

Damaged Electrical Wiring

Damaged electrical wiring is another common cause of fires in commercial spaces. If you have an older building with old wiring, consider rewiring it. Some facilities have outdated aluminum wiring, which you should aim to replace with copper.

These are simple causes of fires in commercial buildings. A competent commercial electrician can help you avoid electrical fire by upgrading the wiring, appliances, and outlets to suit your current needs.

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13 December 2021

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