How A Residential Electrician Can Modernize Your Historic Home's Electrical System


Moving into an older, historic home is exciting since older homes often have interesting architecture and floor plans. However, they might also have outdated systems if things like the electricity and plumbing haven't been upgraded. Electricity can be dangerous, so it's important to have an inspection and learn about work that needs to be done to modernize your system and make it safer for your family. Here are some things a residential electrician may do.

Upgrade The Service Panel

The electrical panel on your home takes in electricity from the power company's line and distributes it to the various circuits in your home. One problem an old panel could have is too few circuits. There may not even be any room to add more circuits to the panel. Another problem the panel could have is low power. Your panel may need an upgrade to supply the power needed for modern equipment and electronics.

A residential electrician can install a new service panel if the old one can't be upgraded with additional circuits. They can inspect your home and determine the amount of power and circuits your panel needs for optimal operation.

Put In New Outlets

When electrical codes are updated, new homes built after that date are required to have newer outlets, but older homes aren't required to upgrade their old outlets unless renovation work is done. This means an older house could have outdated outlets that aren't grounded properly. This could lead to an electrical shock or damage to your electronic equipment.

A residential electrician can install all new outlets, add outlets, and update them to charge your phone as well as accept plugs. An older house may not have enough outlets for all of your appliances, especially in the kitchen, so adding more outlets could be a top priority once you move in so you don't overload an electrical circuit.

Put In New Wiring

An older home might have outdated aluminum wiring that has been banned for years. When the electrician updates your electrical system, they may be required to update the wiring too. Even if updating aluminum wiring isn't mandatory, you should still talk to your electrician about having it done so your home is safer. You may not need all of the wiring changed, just the connections that are a fire hazard.

Updating your old home's electrical system can be challenging. However, an electrician can often do it without disrupting your walls too much, which is important with a historic home. Once your new electrical system is in place, you can enjoy your home with its original architecture, and you can fill it with modern electronics and have plenty of power and outlets to go around.

For more information, contact a residential electrician near you.


13 December 2021

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