Do You Need A Backup Generator? Times When It's Worth The Investment


As a homeowner, one of the investments you might be thinking about is a standby generator for your home. Standby generators provide you with an emergency power source when your primary supply is cut off for any reason. If you're considering a generator, you've probably noticed that they require a significant investment. That's why many homeowners wonder whether or not it's worth the cost. However, there are many situations that indicate your home is a good fit for a standby generator.

You Live In A Storm-Prone Area

If you live in a hurricane, tornado, or blizzard-prone area, it's important that you consider what your family will do if you lose power for a significant period of time. After all, in areas that are prone to severe weather, power outages are a common issue. Standby generators are a great way to protect your family from a prolonged power outage due to severe weather issues.

You Live Where Temperatures Get Extreme

Regardless of whether it's extreme cold or extreme heat, living somewhere that experiences temperature extremes is also a good reason to invest in a standby generator. After all, when you live in such an area, you'll need to have an alternative power source to continue running your climate control system. 

You can minimize the demand on the generator for heat by establishing a backup heat source, such as a wood stove or fireplace, but it's still ideal to have something that will keep your furnace running when you need it. Therefore, ensure you opt to have a generator installed.

Someone In The House Needs Medical Equipment Support

If anyone in your family relies on medical equipment support, such as a ventilator, a dialysis machine, oxygen delivery, or any other equipment, you'll need to have a standby generator to ensure that you can keep that equipment running even if the power is interrupted. This is an important consideration, especially when that medical support is life-sustaining.

You Have Deep Freezers For Food Storage

If you like to invest in bulk food storage, including frozen foods, you have probably invested in deep freezers and perhaps an extra refrigerator. If so, you'll want to invest in a backup generator to provide constant power to those units. This preserves your food investment in the event of a power failure.

These are some of the times when it's important for you to invest in a standby generator for your home. Talk with a generator installation contractor today for more help and information.


27 December 2021

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