3 Signs It's' Time To Call A Commercial Electrical Contractor


Unlike their residential counterparts, commercial electrical contractors are responsible for planning, designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems on a larger, more complex scale. Their core duties include installing wiring systems, control panels, and electrical machines. They mainly work in commercial buildings, factory complexes, public buildings, and business locations, among other places. 

When Should You Hire a Commercial Electrical Contractor?

Commercial electrical contractors often work in non-residential settings open to the public, including restaurants, retail stores, high rises, and other business spaces. They can work in many different environments, such as schools, hospital systems, government agencies, and townships. 

You can hire a commercial electrical contractor if you notice any of the following signs in your business or warehouse electrical system.

Burning Odors

An unpleasant, burning odor coming from your electric panel should never be ignored. Some electrical problems likely to cause this smell include:

  • Damaged wiring
  • Exposed wires
  • A foreign object stuck in an electrical box
  • Overloading circuits

Apart from the burning smell, you may notice other signs such as:

  • Discoloration around the outlets
  • Unexplained buzzing noises
  • Mild electrical shocks from the outlets

If you notice these signs in your office building, call a reliable commercial electrical contractor right away to evaluate the situation. Doing so will help prevent electrical injuries and even fires within your business premises.

Power Outage

If you experience a recurrent power outage in your commercial premises, don't take too long before you call an electrician.

If the outage affects the entire neighborhood, it could be caused by bad weather. However, if the problem only affects your premises, it could be due to other issues, such as faulty electrical components, especially if the building's wiring is old. This problem could also be linked to system overload, mainly if you use energy-intensive machines and appliances.

Sparks or Fire

Two ways describe how electrical fires start. They include:

  • Overheating 
  • Sparks and arcs

Overheating and sparks are associated with many factors, such as faulty wires, frayed cords, poor insulation, undersized wires, and loose wiring. In any of these cases, wires get too hot and start to spark. Eventually, these sparks end up igniting any flammable material near them. 

If you notice sparking or overheating in your premises, your wires or outlets might be defective. You need to contact a commercial electrician to protect your business from unnecessary risks.

If you have any of these problems with your electrical system, you should call a commercial electrical contractor immediately. These experts are highly trained to ensure electrical components in commercial buildings remain in proper standing for longer.

For more information, contact a commercial electrician near you.


29 December 2021

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