6 Electrical Upgrades To Consider For Your New Build


When you build a new home, the builder typically allows you to upgrade various features, from the lot and floorplan to the flooring and kitchen cabinets. It may be tempting to skip over some aspects, like the insulation, roofing, or electrical, but don't. Electrical contractors have many tricks up their sleeves for you to consider.   

1. Second dryer prep: Appliance manufacturers try to time washer and dryer cycles to finish at the same time, but it never seems to work right. Having a second dryer makes the laundry process that much easier. Even if you do not own a second dryer, you can have the electrician prep for a future second dryer. 

2. Pot lights: Pot lights are small, pin lights that encircle the perimeter of a room. They create ambiance and instantly upgrade the entire interior of our new home. Talk to the builder and the electrical contractor early in the building process to plan for pot lights during the rough electrical stage.

3. Hot tub: Building a custom home can leave you cash-strapped for a year or two afterward, but if you have any intention to add a hot tub -- indoors or out -- plan the electrical out now. Most hot tubs run on a separate, GFCI 220V circuit, like dryers and stoves. It is fairly inexpensive to add one during the initial construction phase but much more expensive and cumbersome to add later.

4. Shower: Showers can be dark places, especially in a bathroom without a window. Communicate to your builder or electrician that you would like a light in the shower to brighten things up early in the design process. 

5. Closet: Like a shower, a closet can be a small, dark space. While walk-in closets typically have lights, standard closets do not. You can remedy this, however, by requesting that your electrician add lights to all the closets. They can install a light switch just outside the closet or a light that is motion-activated when the closet doors open.

6. Holiday light displays: Planning out a future holiday light display may seem low on your list of priorities, but doing so now will help you determine where exterior and interior plugs should go. There is nothing worse than realizing that your holiday tree's light string requires seventeen extensions cords.

Your builder, designer, and electrician can accommodate most of your electrical upgrades as long as you discuss them early enough in the build process. Contact a local electrician to learn more.


4 January 2022

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