Recessed Lighting: What It Is And Why You Need It


One way to add glamor around your home or executive office is by choosing the proper lighting. Besides improving a room's aesthetics, lighting can increase productivity and set a relaxing mood. A good lighting choice for your home or office is recessed lighting. Read on to know more about recessed lighting and why it is a great addition to your home.

What It Is

Recessed lighting refers to a light fixture strategically fixed in a hollow ceiling opening. The light concentrates downward either as a narrow spotlight or broad floodlight. Recessed lighting is commonly referred to as pot, can, or downlight,

Many people prefer recessed lighting due to its versatility since you can choose to add it in any spot—the wall, uplighting, or downlighting. Recessed lighting is ideal for use in residential and commercial spaces. It provides sufficient ambient lighting that compliments the wall and highlights the décor and artwork around your home.

Why You Need Recessed Lighting

There are numerous reasons to install recessed lighting. They include the following.

To Make Your Space Look Bigger

Recessed lighting can help compliment your room and make it appear bigger since it takes less visual space on the ceiling. Unlike other lighting options, the light cans are fixed in the ceiling, so nothing hangs down. Therefore, there isn't any disruption in the visual of the ceiling.

Additionally, recessed lighting has a wall washing effect, where the illumination casts more light in the room using the perfect trim. However, to yield the wall washing effect, the recessed lighting needs to be well spaced to make the room appear bigger and brighter. 

Efficient, Functional, and Versatile

Recessed lighting will surpass your expectations if you want a lighting option that combines efficiency, functionality, and versatility. It offers elegant yet minimalist uniform lighting across the room. Furthermore, they come with a dimming feature, giving you control over the illumination level.

You can use recessed lighting in any space you desire as they do well with different ceilings, including sloped and vaulted ones. Alternatively, you can also install them on walls, offering you unmatched flexibility.

To Save on Space as You Complement the Interior Design in the Room

Does your home have low ceilings that don't leave enough room for hanging lights? Recessed lighting is a good pick for you since it is flush with your ceiling. It doesn't protrude down, and you won't have to deal with limited headroom. Besides, the lights are small and leave enough ceiling space.

Recessed lighting complements the interior design in the room. It makes your space appear modern and sleek, illuminating the visual aesthetics in the room.

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4 January 2022

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