Four Indicators That It Is Time to Repair Your Lights


Light fixtures are crucial because they bring illumination to every part of the house. In most homes, the lighting accentuates the interior décor of the home. Good lighting also helps create an illusion of space depending on the lighting type and the installation. Regardless of what you are using your fixtures for, you should always ensure it is in excellent working condition. Here are some common indicators that your lighting could be damaged and in need of repairs. 

The Lights Keep Flickering

Flickering is a common symptom of issues with the lighting fixtures. Your lights might flicker for various reasons. First, it could be that the contacts between the bulb and the fixture are getting corroded. If this is the problem with your systems, you might hear a soft crackling sound every time the lights flicker. It could also be that the bulbs have loose wiring somewhere in the system. It would help if you let an electrician assess the problem with the wiring because it could be anywhere between the bulb and the breaker panel. 

The Wiring Is Brittle

Brittle wiring is another indicator that you need to repair your lighting fixtures. Wiring becomes brittle because of the amount of heat wiring gets subjected to when the bulbs are on, especially when you have older bulb types like incandescent and efflorescent bulbs. The best remedy for when the wiring starts getting brittle is to replace it. You can invite an electrician to assess all your old chandeliers and lamps to eliminate any fire hazards in the home. 

The Bulbs Keep Burning Out

All types of bulbs have an expected lifespan, and getting damaged before their time is up is a sign of trouble. The problem could be loose wiring that keeps sending power surges through the fixture and damaging the bulbs. In other cases, you might have installed a bulb whose wattage is incompatible with the fixture. An electrician will help determine the cause of the burnout and recommend a solution.

Damaged Chords

You should never overlook physical damage in the cords. It might seem like a minor issue, but it can quickly escalate into an electrical fire. Exposed wiring is never safe, and you should avoid using the affected fixture until the electrician repairs it.

Contact a company like Conway Electric for issues regarding wiring. With their help, you can repair and replace damaged fixtures and restore secure and efficient lighting in the home.  


10 January 2022

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