The Top 4 Warning Signs Your Home Is In Need Of An Electric Panel Upgrade


Electric panels can be unsightly and certainly won't add to the decorative value of your home. Consequently, these panels are purposely designed to be tucked away out of sight. The problem with this is that many homeowners fall into the cycle of out of sight, out of mind when it comes to their electrical panels. This can be a serious problem if it causes you to neglect the need for an electric panel upgrade in your home. This is because a failing electrical panel can result in serious issues including electrical fires. You can help to avoid these issues by keeping your eyes open for the following warning signs that it is time to call an electrician and have your electric panel upgraded.

#1: Your Lights Dim When Turning On Appliances

Do you notice that your lights dim or maybe even flicker when you turn on the appliances in your home? If so, this is a sign that your circuit breakers are struggling to keep up with the demand in a certain area of your home. An electric panel upgrade will address this issue by allowing for more power to safely be delivered to the high-demand areas of your home.

#2: Your Electric Panel Still Uses Fuses

For many years electrical panels made use of fuses rather than circuit breakers to prevent a power surge. If too much power tried to go to one circuit in your home the fuse would blow and need to be replaced in order to restore power to the circuit. While this was once considered cutting-edge technology, this technology is now outdated and can present a serious risk of fire. If your electric panel is still using fuses, it is definitely time for an upgrade.

#3: Your Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently

All homeowners will experience a tripped breaker from time to time and need to flip this switch in order to restore power. However, the need to flip your breakers should not be frequent. If you constantly need to flip your breakers when trying to use multiple items in a certain area of your home, this is a sign that your electrical panel is not designed to meet the demands of your household and needs to be upgraded.

#4: You Use A Lot Of Extension Cords

Unfortunately, far too many homeowners rely on extension cords and power strips to make up for the fact that their home does not have enough electrical outlets to meet their needs. The extension cords are not designed to be a permanent solution, but rather a temporary way to supply power to areas that do not have their own outlets available. Using an extension cord as a permanent solution can pose a fire hazard. Consequently, if you are relying on extension cords in your home, it is time to have an electrician evaluate your electrical panel. 

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16 May 2022

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