4 Reasons To Upgrade To A 200 AMP Electrical Panel


Do you currently have a 100 AMP electrical panel in your home and it is time to replace it? If so, you may be wondering if you should spend the extra money and upgrade to a 200 AMP panel. Here are some reasons why it may be a good idea. 

You Plan On Staying In Your Home For A While

You should consider how much longer you are going to stay in your home. If you plan on not moving for a long time, then it can be worth it to have the additional power with your electrical box. If you plan on moving soon, it may not make sense to spend the extra money. 

You Plan On Adding An Addition

Your 100 AMP panel may be working fine just now, but it may not stay that way forever. If you plan on adding an addition onto your home, that is going to be more lights, more outlets, and potentially a secondary HVAC system to heat and cool it. Your current 100 AMP panel may not be enough to power an addition, but a 200 AMP panel will. Making the change to a 200 AMP panel now will save you the hassle of making the upgrade later on.

You Plan To Buy An Electric Vehicle

With electric vehicles becoming more popular, consider if you plan on making a purchase in the future. This is because you will not be able to quickly charge an electric vehicle when you have a 100 AMP electrical panel. You will only be capable of basic charging, which may not be enough to fully charge the battery overnight. With more power from a 200 AMP panel, you can install a quick home charging station that directs more power to your vehicle's battery.

You Frequently Trip Circuit Breakers

Do you frequently trip circuit breakers in your home and you do not know why? This could be due to needing more circuits that can utilize more electricity. The 200 AMP panel is going to allow you to separate some of the circuits that you currently have in your home so that they are on multiple circuit breakers instead of a single circuit breaker. This means that certain high-use outlets can have dedicated power so that they never trip a circuit breaker again. 

Reach out to a local electrician if you have questions about making the upgrade to a 200 AMP electrical panel. Click here to learn more.


22 June 2022

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